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Subject: Family Doctor
Date: Fri, 05 Mar 1999 07:56:53 GMTOk, I know this is a fantasy that lots of people have about their doctors. And
almost all kids or teens go through it when their bods are sprouting hair and
doing things that make you nuts..but it happened..it really did for me.Of course I wasn't a kid when it did happen. I was back home from college.Before I tell you this, I should tell you about Doc.By the time I got to know him, the hair had begun to turn grey. He wore those
half glasses that add age..as far as kids are concerned. And his once smooth
face sprouted some grey beard hair.He had been out family doctor since my folks got married. He helped treat my
sister and he delivered my birth right in his examination room. That was a
fact he reminded me from time to time, especially when he was giving me a shot
or doing something else to me that involved pain or embarassment.His name was Emerson L. Matthews. But we called him Doc. He had two sons. The
youngest one was in school with me and the older one was always "away".As I stood naked in front of him, feeling his hands examining me, I learned
about my body. He'd tell me things that didn't make sense to me when I was
little. But as I grew older, I remembered them.When I suddenly realized my penis had a mind of its own, I didn't freak out
because Doc warned me this would happen. Sure, I was embarassed about when it
got hard..and where. But at least I knew it preteen lolitas no nude
was "normal".I didn't freak when it spit out stuff while Doc was holding my testicles
either. He laughed. I blushed. And without even a beat, he told me to relax it
was just between him and me. And I knew he told me the truth.Frankly, I liked it when he ran his hands all over me..even before my penis
proclaimed it's own reaction.As I bent over his table and felt his greasy finger slide inside me....I
didn't feel odd about it. Once again, Doc told me what he was going to do, why
and what he was looking for. And gratefully, he told me that men often got
erect when he was doing it.He did and I did. What he didn't tell me was I would like the feeling. But
perhaps that was taking things a bit far."You have a big one for a boy your age" he told me whenever my penis curved up
hard in his office. I didn't know if he was telling me that because it made me
feel good or because he meant it. Later I found out the answer.When I delivered him the plastic cup with my sperm in it. He reacted asking me
how many times I had masturbated to get all that. I proudly told him only once
and he seemed impressed. But he was playing with me I assumed. Nevertheless, I
hoped he wasn't and I was indeed some sort of macho kid turned man.Jacking off with his youngest son was preteen free lola pics fun too. We were in the same scout troop
and as often happens with horny kids, we showed off for each other and shared
some circle jerking....an excuse to see other boys cocks and compare.The first cock I touched not my own, however, wasn't one of my friends. It
wasn't Doc's either, in case you jumped to that conclusion.It was our gym coach who was masturbating one night after I came back from an
extended run preteen lolita ls magazine
around our enclosed track. His door was opened and I looked
inside before calling out.He was naked and jacking while laying on his massage table. I didn't say
anything, I just stood there and watched.He didn't react either except to say "come in and lock the damn door".I did.He kept jacking and I moved closer to watch. "come on and help me out .. I can't get off for some reason" I touched his
rock hard, straight cock and gingerly stroked it. After some prompting, I was
soon jacking him hard with one hand and jacking my own cock from under my
running shorts.We both came....and laughed. "whew that was something" he said. We never
talked about it or did it again..with each other.But I reached for Doc's son's cock soon thereafter and discovered the fun was
even better when he reached for mine. That progressed over the summer months
until we were sucking lolita pre teen sites each other off....gagging on the volumes of cum we both
shot into each other's throats.Doc attended my graduation. I knew he was there because my classmate and sex
buddy, his son was graduating too. But I still russiaqn teen model lolita felt he was there for me along
with my parents."You two know my oldest boy, but I don't think you do". Doc said as he
gestured towards one of the hottest looking men I had ever seen. "Dr. Emerson
L. Matthews Jr." he finished the introduction.His smile made me nervous, his hands made me melt and the sight of him told me
that what I suspected about myself for the past three years was true. I was
queer for him...for all men..but especially for him.We all had dinner together before the youngest son and I took off for some
graduation parties and some of our own sexual pleasures.I kept asking him about his brother. "you and he ever do what we do?" he
thought that was disgusting. lola bunny adult gallery I ignored his reaciton and kept asking things.So years came and went. College gave me freedom and I explored my suspicions
until cocks, butts, naked men and a lover or two had taken me far down the
road to me feeling pretty ok about being gay.I told my parents during my junior year and they freaked, yelled, muttered and
threatened. The usual things like me seeing a shrink, a minister and even a
doctor settled with me seeing Doc.He smiled and listened to them. He told them I wasn't sick. He told them I was
what I was. When they asked him what he'd do if his boys were gay, he just
said he loved his sons no matter what. That shut them up.A final comment from my still angry father told me, my immediate future was
safe. "If it weren't for the fact you only had a year left, I'd stop paying
for that G... D...n college".It was his final statement. They never gave me crap about being gay
again...there were comments but no real confrontations. My little sister
seemed to take it well. My mom never talked about it.I was a senior when she got sick. I flew home to find her in a hospital with
good old Doc nearby. She seemed happy to see me, though frail. "One thing I
want to tell you about being .... you know"I knew she had trouble saying the G word..so I nodded."find yourself a nice boy, a doctor and be happy" I laughed thinking she was
being funny even though sick. She was being serious, her expression told me.
And I looked around at Doc. He just smiled.She didn't attend my graduation. And shortly afterwards we lost her. I was
home for the funeral and many services held by her different clubs, causes and
church groups. I never knew how popular she was until then....I told Doc's son the story about the bedside advice, "Don't look at me. What
we did was kid stuff". He declared he was straight. I threatened to kiss him
and he backed away..but laughing. We remain friends..and as you'll find out,
that was a very important thing.I stayed around the house helping Dad and sis. They seemed ok. Mom had been
sick far longer then I really knew about, so they seemed to know she'd be
passing away.Before I was to go on my European study trip, a scholarship I won by the way,
I went over to Docs for some shots and an exam."He isn't in today. An old girlfriend of his died and he is taking some time
off". then the nurse looked at me realizing who I was "oh I'm sorry". She
knew who I was. And suddenly, I knew what she knew.I turned away. "Wait a minute, I'll see if Emerson can see you".My mind was in a fog as I stood in the old examination room, stripping naked.
Before I could decide whether to put on the white robe or not, I heard his
voice."you won't need that" his smooth voice sounded like Doc. I turned around not
ashamed to be naked in front of the man who had played with my body for years.But it wasn't Doc. Well, it was Doc..but his son. The man whose smile had
given me an erection under my highschool graduation robes years ago.I apologized and blushed. "Hey, relax, I'm a doctor too don't forget"I didn't get hard, thank god, nor did I reach for the robe as he moved closer."I've never examined you, so guess we better do the whole bit..top to bottom"
he laughed and I knew what he meant.We talked about the years that had passed as he examined my bare feet, he
complimented me on my legs...my "runners legs" as he called them. His hands
rested on my buttocks as he told me to flex them."nice and firm, bet the girls like that" he said.I added, "the boys do to" he laughed acknowledging he knew I was gay but
didn't know how comfortable I was about it.My cock was stirring. Not only was he sexy but his manner was enticing. His
touch was old Doc's, his voice was also old Doc's..but he was definately a hot
man."you single?" I asked as he felt my back and listened to my lungs."yeah...not too safe for a gay doctor to have a lover in this town" he said.My gut jumped. He was gay too.He faced me now, using his thumbs he seemed to explore my pectorals the
flicking my nipples in a sensuous way that I never remembered old Doc doing.
My cock couldn't resist."oh you like that huh?" he said and flicked again."sorry about that, they're real sensative" my cock's curved erection was
poking young Doctor Matthews white smock."Well sooner or later I wanted to lola bunny adult gallery see it..so why not now?"His hand explored my erection. This was nothing his Dad ever did. His little
brother had, but that wasn't medical..and perhaps this wasn't either."By the time you're done, you'll know more about me then even your Dad" I
nervously laughed."Good" he answered. Then he picked up the phone and said something to the
nurse ending with a "good night".He took his smock off. And then his tie. As he unbuttoned his shirt I stood
watching. "You don't mind do you? I want to be comfortable and there's no other
patients...."I shook my head staring at his smooth and very defined torso outlined by his
tight white tank top undershit."you work out" I said.He flexed his arms which made his very round shoulders move in a way that
begged for my mouth to be all over them."time for the big exam" he said as he put on a glove. I turned around and got
into position."it's good to work with someone who knows what to do" he said. We both
laughed.His finger moved around my hole, then slowly inside. "nice and firm" he said. but he didn't move his finger out. He seemed to try
to reach further inside me.I didn't think this was odd as I remembered as a teenager feeling his Dad do
the same thing. And I remember my cock almost spitting out sperm while he did
it too."You are nude loli art shameless
ok with this?" he asked."yeah...you have a nice touch" I admitted to him what I never admitted to his
Dad.His other hand found my erection and stroked me."guess we better get a sample for testing"I let him finger my butt and milk my cock until I was gasping and begging him
to fuck me.He didn't ... at first.I apologized saying when I lose control I kind of go crazy.He stopped and withdrew his finger.I was blushing as I turned around..my cock bobbing everywhere. The tip was wet
with precum. My gut ached and my balls were begging to be drained."You okay?" he asked as he put his hand on my face....it felt warm."You want me to stop or...." he asked."Will you fuck me?" lolita preteen girls porno I looked at his face. It wasn't a question I was asking
right then and there. It was the question I didn't know how to ask years ago.His body was nice. A line of hair went from his bely button to his bush..where
a straight hard cock pointed at me. It looked like the gym coach's cock I had
touched that very first time.His thighs were tree trunk thick and I wanted to hug them all night.I knelt and licked his cock....gagging as it pressed against the back of my
throat."never been too good at that" I said in between licks."I'll teach you" he said.I lay on his table with my legs in his hands as he moved inside me...and did
as I asked......His cum felt like warm lotion as it covered me later..his face tense as he
tightened it before spraying me.He pushed my hand away and grabbed my curved cock and began to suck me as he
fingered my wet ass..and then he jacked me until he could hardly keep me on
the table.....and I erupted..not just came, but ERUPTED all over both of us."That was one hell of an exam" I said as we both tried to catch our breath. We
were not done and we both knew it.Dinner, chatting, wine, talking about his little brother and his Dad, that he
knew my mom and his Dad used to 13 yr lolita nude date, he even knew his little lolita art top 100
brother and I
used to jack off together."hell all kids do that stuff" he said.We lay in his bed sucking and fucking as many times as our bodies and the
hours allowed.His Dad found me at the breakfast table and treated me like an old friend. Old
Doc Matthews never acknowledged he knew I had spent the night with his son in
his son's bedroom. We just talked about Mom, college and stuff. "Sorry I couldn't do your exam
but I trust my son did you ok?" I almost chocked at the way he put it. "very ok" I responded.Then he laughed. Not a polite laugh, but a giggle like a teenager does at his
own joke.He knew.And I was glad.The scholarship would keep me traveling for a year but I met Doctor
Matthews...my Doctor Matthews when he visited me in London. He examined me
then....just as if it were the first exam..and found ways to make me beg for
more.And still when we want to do something extra, he puts on his white coat,
stethoscope and probes until he has me begging......I lay across the table about three years later, old Doc was deep inside me
while saying I have to watch out for my prostate as I get older. His finger
made me hard as always."you're in good shape...I trust my son is taking care of that other problem
there" he looked at my cock.I nodded. "let me see"He took my curved cock in his hand and stroked it until I shot all over his
white coat."Always wanted to do that..even when you were litttle." he saidIt was my last exam with him before he retired. But his son continued to
examine me...and I begged for more....always lolita preteen girls porno more.Thanks Doc.
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